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  • Drug Effects on Kids Uncertain A study published in the September 13, 2006 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) starts off with a chilling statement. "Much of pediatric drug use is off-label because appropriate pediatric s...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • Drug Errors Hurt 1 in 15 Hospitalized Kids The above mentioned headline arises from an April 7, 2008, CNN story reporting on the great number of medical errors children receive during hospital stays in the US. The article begins by saying, &...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • Drug Errors In Children Draw Alarm Medscape reported on July 2, 2000 that errors in medication for kids are creating an increasing problem. The article states how the concern is because of the lack of knowledge on the results of many drugs o...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • Drug Research Corporate Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry is a book by Dr John Braithwaite where he describes many samples of corporate crime within the pharmaceutical industry. Dr Braithwaite's revealing study is founded on extensive...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • Drug Sales Globally Continue to Increase IMS HEALTH, a worldwide health care information company, reported on August 1, 2002, an 11% rise in drug sales through retail pharmacies in 13 key markets in the 12-month period from June 2001 through...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • Drug Studies May Be False The prescription medications lots of people take might be depending on inaccurate and faulty studies. This idea was based on new research published within the August issue of CHEST, the peer-reviewed journal of the Americ...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • Ear Tubes in Children Questioned In the April 19, 2001 publication of the New England Journal of Medicine comes a report that concludes that for kids younger than 3 years of age who have persistent otitis media, prompt insertion of tympanost...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • Eating Dark Chocolate May Help Prevent Heart Problems A Reuters Health article in the August 27, 2003 reports on research that demonstrates eating dark chocolate, although not milk chocolate, raises plasma antioxidant levels, an impact which...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • Eating Whole Grains are Healthy From Mar 13, 2001 Reuters Health comes a story reporting over a study of nearly 34,000 Norwegian adults. Within this study people who ate the greatest levels of whole grain had a 23% reduced risk of death from...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • Eight US Air Force Bases Add Chiropractic Services to Medical Facilities The above mentioned headline appeared in the US Air Force Print News of November 15, 2002. This means that eight Air Force medical treatment facilities have added chiro...
    Published 2/15/2011
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